Linda M. Collins 

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Distinguished Professor, Human Development and Family Studies and Statistics; Director, Methodology Center

Contact Information

204 East Calder Way, Suite 400
State College PA 16801


(fax) 814-863-0000

Research Interests

My research program has two primary foci: design for building, optimizing and evaluating behavioral interventions, and methods for longitudinal research. Most of my funding over the years has come from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


B.A., 1977, Psychology, University of Connecticut
Ph.D., 1983, Quantitative Psychology, University of Southern California

Selected Publications

Collins, L.M., Baker, T.B., Mermelstein, R.J., Piper, M.E., Jorenby, D.E., Smith, S.S., Schlam, T.R., Cook, J.W., & Fiore, M.C. (In press).  The Multiphase Optimization Strategy for engineering effective tobacco use interventions.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Zafra-Cabeza, A., Rivera, D.E., Collins, L.M., Ridao, M.A., & Camacho, E.F. (In press). A risk-based     model predictive control approach to adaptive interventions in behavioral health.  IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.

Bray, B.C., Lanza, S.T., & Collins, L.M. (2010).  Modeling relations among discrete developmental processes:  A general approach to associative latent transition analysis.  Structural Equation Modeling, 17, 541-569.

Chakraborty, B., Collins, L.M., Strecher, V., and Murphy, S.A.  (2009).  Developing multicomponent interventions using fractional factorial designs.  Statistics in Medicine, 28, 2687-2708.

Collins, L.M., Chakraborty, B., Murphy, S.A., &  Strecher, V.  (2009). Comparison of a phased experimental approach and a single randomized clinical trial for developing multicomponent behavioral interventions.  Clinical Trials, 6, 5-15.

Collins, L.M., Dziak, J.R., & Li, R.  (2009).  Design of experiments with multiple independent variables:  A resource management perspective on complete and reduced factorial designs.  Psychological Methods, 14, 202-224.

Lanza, S.T., & Collins, L.M.  (2008).  A new SAS procedure for latent transition analysis: Transitions in dating and sexual behavior. Developmental Psychology, 44, 446-456.

Collins, L.M., Murphy, S.A., & Strecher, V.  (2007).  The Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) and the Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART):  New methods for more potent e-health interventions.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 32, S112-S118.

Rivera, D.E., Pew, M.D., & Collins, L.M. (2007).  Using engineering control principles to inform the design of adaptive interventions.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 88, S31-S40.

Collins, L.M. (2006).  Analysis of longitudinal data: The integration of theoretical model, temporal design and statistical model.  Annual Review of Psychology, 57, 505-528.

Curriculum Vitae

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Center Affiliations

  • Methodology Center

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  • Domains of Health and Behavior
  • Methodology