Deirdre McCaughey

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Associate Professor, Health Care Management & Strategy and John Jones Scholar in Worker’s Compensation Research

Contact Information

601 Donald H. Ford Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-863-2905


B.M.R. (2000), Medical Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy, University of Manitoba
M.B.A., 2001, Management, University of Manitoba
Ph.D.(2008), Management - Organizational Behaviour, University of Manitoba

Teaching Interests

At the graduate and undergraduate levels:
Healthcare management, strategic planning, leadership, and organizational behavior.

Research Interests

Occupational Health Psychology and Occupational Safety:
Organizational climate’s effect on employee and organizational outcomes.
Workplace safety climate, employee engagement, stress, absenteeism, injury, and turnover.
Identifying interventions and training to improve safety environment and reduce injury rates.

Healthcare IT Solutions for Enhanced Patient Care Experience:
Innovative technology solutions to enhance real-time organizational response to care problems .
Improving the provision and outcome of patient care using technology.
Improving occupational and communication tools for care provider well-being

Selected Publications

Halbesleben, J., Leroy, H., Dierynck, B., Simons, T., Savage G., McCaughey, D. & Leon, M.R. (In Press) Living up to Safety Values in Health Care: The Effect of Leader Behavioral Integrity on Occupational Safety. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

McCaughey, D., Halbesleben, J., Savage G., Simons, T. & McGhan, G.E. (In Press). Safety Leadership: Extending Workplace Safety Climate Best Practices across Health Care Workforces. Advances in Health Care Management.

DelliFraine, J.L., Wang, Z., McCaughey, D., Langabeer III, J.R., & Erwin, C. (In Press). The Use of Six Sigma in Healthcare Management: Are We Using It to Its Full Potential?. Quality Management in Healthcare.

McCaughey, D., McGhan, G.E., Walsh, E., Rathert, C., and Belue, R. (In Press): The Relationship of Positive Work Environments and Workplace Injury: Evidence from the National Nursing Assistant Survey. Health Care Management Review. doi: 10.1097/HMR.0b013e3182860919
[Epub ahead of print]

McCaughey, D., McGhan, G.E., Kim, J., S.D. Brannon, Leroy, H., and Jablonski, R.A. (In Press). Workforce Implications of Injury Among Home Health Workers: Evidence from the National Home Health Aide Survey. The Gerontologist 52(4): 493-505.

Turner N., Stride, C.B., Carter, A.J., McCaughey, D., & Carroll, A.E. (2012). Job Demands-Control-Support Model and Employee Safety Performance. Accident Analysis and Prevention 45: 811-817.

McCaughey, D., McGhan, G.E., DelliFraine, J.L., and Brannon, S.D. (2011). Perception is Reality: How Patients Contribute to Poor Workplace Safety Perceptions. Health Care Management Review 36(1): 28-37, January/March 2011.

McCaughey, D. and Bruning, N.S. (2010). Rationality versus Reality: The Challenges of Evidence-Based Decision Making for Health Policy Makers. Implementation Science 5:39. (Achieved Permanent Designation: Highly Accessed Article)

Bruning, N.S., McCaughey, D., and Milliken, E. (2006). The "Mosaic" in Practice: An Examination of Multicultural Diversity within Canadian Universities. In G. Vedder (Ed.), Managing Equity and Diversity at Universities. Rainer Hampp Verlag: Munchen und Mering, pp. 49-71.

Stoyko, P., with Henning, G.K., and McCaughey, D. (2006). Creativity at Work: A Leadership Guide. Action-Research Roundtable on Creativity; Canada School of Public Service, Federal Government of Canada.

Curriculum Vitae

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Strategic Themes

  • Contexts and Social Institutions
  • Health Care Systems