Graduate Program

The graduate program in kinesiology is both nationally and internationally prominent in several research areas within the broader field of kinesiology. This prominence is due to individual faculty excellence, the production and dissemination of quality research, and the mentoring and graduation rates of excellent graduate students.

The program emphasizes research and scholarly activity, and is strengthened by continued collaborations between the graduate faculty and faculty in other departments that contribute to the discipline (e.g., engineering, history, neuroscience, physiology, psychology). The graduate program supports the studies of approximately 60 students each year.

Graduate training is enhanced by the availability of excellent laboratory facilities and the considerable success of faculty in generating external funding—more than $3 million annually—in support of their research and graduate training agendas.

Kinesiology Graduate Program Receives #1 Rankings

Penn State's kinesiology graduate program is the #1 program in the field of kinesiology, according to studies conducted by both the National Research Council (announced in September 2010) and the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education (AAKPE) (announced in October 2010).

Areas of Study

Graduate programs in kinesiology have several different areas of study for students to concentrate their research and learning, including:

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