Graduate Programs

Graduate programs in Hospitality Management (HM) are founded on in-depth, research-based study of the hospitality industry. Flexible programs, with emphases available in accounting, finance, information technology, management, marketing, strategy, branding, service operations, and food service, are available to students seeking graduate-level academic study.

Penn State’s HRIM graduate program is widely considered to be among the best in the world. Founded in 1937, the Penn State HM program was one of America’s first. Graduate programs in HM are offered at the master's and doctoral levels. Both programs are distinguished from programs at other schools by the Penn State difference.

Master of Science Degree in HM

The master’s degree (M.S.) program prepares students for beginning academic positions at universities and research positions in industry. Learn more about the M.S. program in Hospitality Management (HM).

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in HM

The doctoral degree (Ph.D.) prepares students for advanced academic and research positions at the university level. Learn more about the Ph.D. program in Hospitality Management (HM).