Our Students

Students in the College of Health and Human Development gain tremendous experience, become leaders, and have a huge impact on the lives of people

There are plenty of opportunities for students in the College of Health and Human Development and at Penn State to develop professionally, help out in the community, perform research, learn about individuals and communities, become leaders, meet people with similar interests and passions, and find ways to improve the world.

Learn more about some of the unique ways in which our students are advancing their own careers and helping the people around them.

Preparing for a Fun, People-Centered Career

Anastasia Stankiewicz, a Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management student, loves working with people and is fascinated by the casino industry. Several hands-on opportunities and events with a student organization are helping her get an up-close look at her future career in casinos.

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Combining Service and Physical Activity

Robert Longenecker is learning new ways of combining his passions of physical health, wellness, and helping people. A variety of student clubs—including the Marathon Club, which he started—and experience in a research lab in the Department of Kinesiology are opening opportunities for him.

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Preparing for a Career in Golf Operations

Marcie Whiston loves golf, and she is getting valuable preparation through internships, course work, and involvement in student clubs, where she can help plan and coordinate golf tournaments.

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A Passion for Working with Children

image of Amanda Maples

Amanda Maples wants to work as a child life specialist, where she would help children at one of the most scary times of their lives. Lucky for her, she found an internship in this field, and she was fully prepared for it after taking classes in Human Development and Family Studies. She also found ways to give back to the community around her and to children in need by being a part of several service organizations.

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A Head Start on a Career in Hospitality

Edwin Pierre-Louis is getting an in-depth perspective of the hospitality industry through internships; student organizations; and Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management courses.

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Improving Health through Research and Service Activities

Stephanie Eldred is eager to help improve health at the global level. A Kinesiology student, she is surrounding herself with research and service activities that are preparing her for a career that she hopes will help people in a developing country.

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Leading and Serving Others

Joey Schwartz, a Human Development and Family Studies student, is brushing up on his leadership skills and making a difference in the lives of those around him through activities such as THON.

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Research and Hands-On Activities to Help Others

Jiaxin Wu, a Health Policy and Administration major, is involved in programs that allow her to help other students get acclimated to life at Penn State, and she's also taking advantage of the many opportunities at Penn State to help analyze research.

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Helping Others Communicate Effectively

Helen Pu says she always knew she wanted to be in a helping profession, but until she became a Communication Sciences and Disorders major, she wasn’t sure which career was right for her. Involvement in research and student clubs are helping her pursue her passion and prepare for her career.

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Finding Exciting Ways to Prepare for a Child-Centered Career

Nicole Wells is a Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management student who loves working with children. With help from leadership experiences and other opportunities at Penn State, she's preparing for a career as a child-life specialist, where she will help children in hospitals understand their medical care.

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Mentoring Others and Becoming a Leader

John Rinaldi, a Nutrition major, is involved in student organizations, service activities, and research—all of which are helping him get ready to spend his life making a difference in the lives of others through a career related to medicine.

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Fitness, Health, and Helping Others

Chelsey Pagana enjoys working out and motivating others to be more physically active. As a fitness instructor at Penn State, she leads fitness classes and finds ways to apply knowledge from her Kinesiology classes.

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Building Leaderships Skills and Helping Other Students

Michael Capehart, a Health Policy and Administration (HPA) student, is getting a head start on professional development and helping others do the same through volunteer opportunities and HPA courses.

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Research to Help People

Jess Dahmus is getting involved in research and other activities that help her prepare for medical school. Under the guidance of faculty members in the Department of Kinesiology, she is designing and running experiments that look at how hypertension impacts the body.

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Promoting Healthy Behaviors

Adam Burkett is discovering new ways to help people by promoting healthy behaviors. Majoring in Biobehavioral Health is giving him the opportunity apply knowledge he learns in class to real-world situations. Additionally, he became certified as an emergency medical technician (EMT) through courses taught in the College of Health and Human Development.

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Health and Wellness through Nutrition and Movement

Emily Riddle is on her way to becoming an expert in health and wellness. A Nutrition major, she finds hands-on learning opportunities in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Kinesiology, studying nutrition as it relates to athletics, bone health and reproduction, and the psychology of movement.

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A Focus on Diversity

Olayi Oyekanmi, a Kinesiology major, is immersing himself in a variety of clubs to increase his diversity. He's also getting involved in research opportunities in the Department of Kinesiology.

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Understanding How to Improve Health

Bethany Koshuta, a Biobehavioral Health major, is learning about the complex factors that affect health, which is helping to prepare her for a career in health care.

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Past Students

Learn more about students who graduated during the 2009-10 academic year.