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Golfer in Golf Teaching and Research Center

In golf, where the ball goes is the ultimate performance outcome. But in order to fully understand why the ball went where it did, we must understand the movements of the club.

For us to understand why the club moved the direction it did, we must understand the way the body moved and how the player interacted with the ground. The technologies we have in the GTRC allow us to directly measure the ground forces, body motions, club delivery, and resulting ball flight.

Multiple Capture Systems icon-olus-circle

Depending on research, instructional, or coaching needs, the GTRC staff have complete access to a nine-camera, Qualisys 3D optical motion capture system with fully integrated AMTI dual force plates (one under each foot), an eight-sensor Golf BioDynamics electromagnetic system, and multiple KMotion IMU systems. 

Ball Flight Monitors icon-olus-circle

Every shot that is struck in the GTRC utilizes a ball flight monitor to measure ball launch characteristics. Again, depending on the research, instructional, or coaching needs, we will select to use either the TrackMan or Foresight launch monitors.

On-Course Simulation icon-olus-circle

We believe it is critical to provide as much on-course context to the golfer as possible. Therefore we utilize simulation capabilities, including our own Penn State Blue Course and White Course, in each of our three hitting bays.

Club Fitting and Alterations icon-olus-circle

The GTRC staff provides club fitting and alteration services for every club in the bag.