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Human Development and Family Studies
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HDFS Feedback Form

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies is committed to encouraging and fostering an environment in which every member of our community can flourish, by opening conversations and creating opportunities to promote understanding, respect, and growth.

HDFS welcomes input from students, staff, and faculty regarding any concerns or ideas about how the department can be enhanced.

If you have any input, ideas, or concerns, you are welcome to submit them via this form. Your submission will be received and addressed by the department head and the graduate professor-in-charge. We take your feedback seriously and will respond to the extent we can, based on the information received. If you choose to provide your identity and contact information, it will be kept confidential. If your submission, out of care, concern, and/or legal requirement, makes it necessary to share your name with others beyond the graduate professor-in-charge and department head, you will be contacted first for further discussion before any such sharing takes place. If you choose not to provide your identity and contact information, department leadership may be unable to directly address your submission.

If you are uncomfortable submitting your idea or concern to the department, the University has a variety of reporting processes and resources available to you. Penn State Student Affairs has reporting mechanisms for a variety of cases, including bias, conduct violations, behavioral threats, and student concerns. If you submit a report using one of these mechanisms, the related University office will receive it, and may contact HDFS department leadership if your report requires it.

If a submission is not necessary, but you would like to speak to a confidential third-party, there are a variety of free and confidential student support services provided by the University and community organizations. View resource guides from Penn State Student Affairs and the department. You are also welcome to approach members of the faculty for guidance.