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Health Policy and Administration
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As a Health Policy and Administration (HPA) major, you will leverage your Penn State education and a vast network of like-minded professionals to find a fulfilling career that explores the various economic, sociological, psychological, and political aspects of health care.

There is a seemingly endless array of positions in which your skills and knowledge will be put to great use, including:

Business: If you are interested in working for a large Fortune 500 company or want to start your own business, a degree in Health Policy and Administration may be the right choice for you. With opportunities to study economics, management, and statistics, you can get a firm foundation in business. Some graduates go on to work in areas such as marketing, insurance, medical device manufacturing, healthcare consulting, and human resources.

Medical: If you would like to work in a hospital or with health care providers, the HPA program prepares you for employment in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, physician practices, nursing facilities, home health agencies, and public health.

Policymaking: Want to help shape the future of healthcare? With courses in the social sciences and communications and opportunities to study research methods, the HPA program helps prepare you to become a valuable member of the government or one of the many supporting roles in the policymaking procedure. Some graduates find work in areas such as public service, lobbying, advising and consulting, and global health.

Career Services

It is never too early in your academic experience to explore all of the career services available to you, and Penn State Career Services is an excellent place to start. You can meet with a drop-in counselor any time between 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. weekdays in the Bank of America Career Services Center to discuss your concerns or to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

For Students: Recruiting Calendar — Take advantage of a variety of recruiting events offered right here on campus.

For Recruiters: Our Students — Learn how to hire Penn State graduates for a wide variety of positions.

Become a Mentor

As a junior, our Mentor Program allows you an opportunity to be matched with a professional in your field(s) of interest who can offer advice and information about career options and other related issues. The program allows you to explore internships, career choices, and plans after graduation with your mentor.