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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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The College of Health and Human Development Digest is a bi-weekly email sent to college faculty and staff. All faculty and staff are eligible to submit newsletter content that includes news/announcements, events, and research studies.

Submitting Items to the HHD Digest

How do I submit newsletter content? icon-olus-circle
What can I submit? icon-olus-circle

We're accepting all types of content for the HHD digest. Some examples of what you might submit include:

  • Events
  • News Articles
  • Announcements
  • Public Meetings
Can I submit multiple items at once? icon-olus-circle

At this time each newsletter item will need to be submitted separately. 

Submitting an event requires a 25Live calendar URL. How do I obtain this URL? icon-olus-circle

You can share events directly from our website. Go to the event in question and scroll down to the bottom of event description. In the lower right you click on “Event Link.” Copy the URL that appears and share that URL. This will send users directly to this event page.

Do I need to use 25Live? icon-olus-circle

The HHD digest has the potential to include many different events, news articles, and more. In order to accommodate all requests, we can't include full descriptions of the events. However, it is important to offer as much information as possible about your event so there is a higher chance that people will attend. 

Adding your event information to 25Live can increase the likelihood of attendees. Also, we can only share event information on social media if we have a place to link to with all of the event information. 

If the event you want to publicize is for another college or external to Penn State, please provide the link to the event.

How do I use 25Live? icon-olus-circle

You can review the 25Live training. Anyone with a Penn State WebAccess ID can add an event to 25Live. In fact, if you reserve a room on campus your event is already in 25Live. All you need to do is add a brief description of the event and select which of our calendars you'd like it to appear on. 

I just added an event to 25Live. Why don't I see it on the website? icon-olus-circle
  • If you have access to direct publish to our calendars, it  will take up to one hour to populate in the feed.
  • If you do not have direct access, it will populate in our calendar feeds after the event is approved.