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Educational Modules in Development

  • Dr. Jennifer Savage Williams, CCOR
  • Module development funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through the PA Department of Human Services (DHS).  This institution is an equal opportunity provider

The goal of this project is to develop, administer and evaluate a series of online nutrition educational modules for low-income mothers in central PA to promote responsive feeding and the development of healthy dietary behaviors and growth patterns among infants and toddlers from families enrolled in WIC and Head Start. We have three "Toddler Modules" and three "Infant Modules" in development.  See below for more details:

Infant Modules
  • Bottle Feeding:  Covers topics including how much to feed your baby, how to prepare a bottle and choose the proper nipple size, and provides an introduction to pace feeding.
  • A Solid Start (Transition to Solids I):  Discusses transitioning your baby to solids foods by providing information on what foods to offer, identifying hunger and fullness cues, and preventing picky eating.
  • I Can Do it Myself! Moving to Finger Foods (Transition to Solids II):  Covers topics related to transitioning to finger foods, including what foods to offer, how to prepare finger foods, and tips for preventing picky eating.
Toddler Modules
  • Mealtime Routines:  Covers the importance of having mealtime routines and setting limits during meals and provides some meal preparation and planning tips.
  • Rethink Your Toddler’s Drink:  Discusses the importance of providing healthy drinks for your toddler, limiting sugar-sweetened beverages, and how to select the proper cup.
  • Snacking:  Covers topics related to healthy snacks, including recipes and preparation tips and the importance of limiting less healthy food choices.