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Communication Sciences and Disorders
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With a research-clinical approach to communication sciences and disorders, all graduate students participate in one of our active research programs in areas such as AAC, autism spectrum disorders, developmental language disorders, somatosensory processing, speech production, aphasia, or dysphagia.

Clinical experience is provided through the on-campus Penn State Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic, which serves individuals with a variety of communication disorders across all ages from early childhood through adulthood. Medical and clinical externship placements are available across Pennsylvania and throughout the northeastern U.S. 

All students enroll for practica in the on-campus clinic as well as approved off-campus practicum sites while they are completing their academic program. 

Two off-campus externships are required lasting between ten and fifteen weeks. The externship sites are determined by the externship coordinator with consideration given to the student's interests for professional development. All externship supervisors are ASHA certified.


CSD 500: Research Methods in CSD (3 cr)

CSD 520: Physiologic and Acoustic Issues in Speech Science (3 cr)

CSD 540: Phonological Disabilities (3 cr)

CSD 541: The Voice and Its Disorders (3 cr)

CSD 542: Stuttering (3 cr)

CSD 543: Craniofacial Anomolies: Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate (1 cr)

CSD 545: Neuromotor Disorders of Speech (3 cr)

CSD 546: Language Disorders in Adults (3 cr)

CSD 547: Language Disorders in Children (3 cr)

CSD 548: Dysphagia (3 cr)

CSD 549: Speech-Language Pathologists in the Schools (3 cr) 
NOTE: CSD 549 is only required for students who plan on obtaining teacher certification.

CSD 551: Assessment and Intervention in AAC (3 cr)

CSD 596: Research (2 cr)

CSD 895A: Speech Therapy Practicum (in house practicum) (1-3 cr)

CSD 895C: Speech-Language Therapy Externship in the Public Schools (7-15 cr)
CSD 895C: Speech-Language Therapy Externship in Hospital, Rehabilitation, Medical Settings (7-15 cr)

CSD 895G: Speech Diagnostics Practicum (in house practicum) (1-3 cr)

CSD 895I: Speech Pathology Mini-Placement Externship (1-9 cr)

A note about sequencing

The proposed schedule of courses may vary from year to year. Please note that the sequence of department course offerings affords little or no flexibility from the proposed schedule.

Some students may have additional course responsibilities related to grant-specific courses, grant-related requirements, or remediation/support plans. These students must consult with their advisor or graduate professor-in-charge prior to any deviations from the proposed schedule in place at time of admission. 

Obtaining Teacher Certification

The following must also be/have been completed to pursue Teacher Certification:

  • CI 280: Introduction to Teaching English Language Learners (or equivalent)
    • Students who have taken a course equivalent to CI 280 at another University may petition a substitution by emailing a copy of the syllabus to the Professor-In-Charge of the Graduate Program


To access Course Syllabi  you must be logged in with your Penn State userid. Others needing access should email for assistance.