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This computer-assisted telephone survey of small and medium-sized (less than 20 physicians) physician practices focuses on preventive care, health promotion, and care of adults with asthma, congestive heart failure, depression, and diabetes. It is currently being conducted on separate samples for each of the AF4Q sites and the US as a whole.

In addition to demographic information about the practice, the NSSMPP survey instrument includes seven domains asking about the practice's: (1) use of clinical information technology; (2) use of care management processes to improve the quality of care for four chronic diseases (asthma, congestive heart failure, depression, and diabetes); (3) provision of clinical preventive services and health promotion; (4) exposure to external performance incentives such as pay-for-performance and public reporting; (5) payer mix, forms of compensation from health plans, and forms of compensation paid by the practice to its physicians; and (6) organizational culture. The seventh domain seeks information about health plans' provision of care management and preventive services for patients in each practice.

Published Articles using Physician Survey Data

Use of Care Management Practices in Small- and Medium-Sized Physician Groups: Do Public Reporting of Physician Quality and Financial Incentives Matter?

Health Services Research, 2013

The Patient Centered Medical Home and Patient Experience

Health Services Research, 2012

Small and Medium-Size Physician Practices Make Minimal Use Of Patient-Centered Medical Home Processes

Health Affairs, 2011

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