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The Alliance Survey is a web based survey administered regularly over the course of the AF4Q program. Participants include staff, leadership team members and key stakeholders from each AF4Q alliance. This survey is designed to assess elements of alliance management, leadership, governance and organizational structure thought to provide the foundation for successful, sustainable collaboration, and how such elements change over time.

The survey is based on previous national studies/evaluations of community health partnerships. The data from this survey will allow the evaluation to conduct comparative assessments of alliance development, and provide AF4Q alliances with specific feedback that they may use to target areas for improvement.

Evaluation Team Articles using Alliance Survey Data

Leadership Transitions in Multisectoral Health Care Alliances: Implications for Member Perceptions of Participation Value

Health Care Management Review, 2014

Decision-Making Fairness and Consensus Building in Multi-Sector Community Health Alliances: A Mixed Methods Analysis

Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 2013

Fostering Change within Organizational Participants of Multi-Sectoral Health Care Alliances

Health Care Management and Review, 2012

Barriers and Strategies to Align Stakeholders in Health Care Alliances

American Journal of Managed Care, 2012

Measuring Leadership in Multi-Sector Health Care Alliances

Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 2011

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