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Student Manager checking set tables at Cafe Laura.

HM 430 Advanced Food Production and Service Management Laboratory

Designed to give students an opportunity to gain experience in the wide range of skills and techniques that are normally associated with the duties of a hospitality manager. The emphasis of the course includes, but is not limited to, the responsibilities of planning, execution, and evaluation of full-service, theme oriented, a la Carte fine dining.

Students must demonstrate the ability to research and produce an authentic restaurant environment from a selected theme, and then manage the technical responsibilities involved in the development, production, and evaluation of a wide range of foodservice systems: sales, menu planning, recipe development and production, pricing, purchasing, facilities management, personnel selection and evaluation, and financial management.

Students are challenged to identify potential problems within the operation and make timely decisions as they interact with fellow managers, student associates, and guests during the production and service of their individual restaurant. An effective management exercise is contingent upon a guest satisfaction, good interpersonal skills and team work with classmates, and the achievement of financial goals.

A Taste of the Caribbean, An Evening at a French Bistro, California Wine Country, A Tribute to Tuscany, The Best of New Orleans, these delicious meals bring the cuisines of the world to Cafe Laura at Penn State. Come join us.