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Before sitting for the final comprehensive oral exam, candidates must complete a rigorous course load, complete a thesis, and participate in a series of research-centered activities.

Program Requirements (54 Credits Minimum)

General (Core) Requirements (10 Credits):

HM 503: Research Methods in HM (3) icon-olus-circle

An introduction to the process of research; problem-solving approaches; the research proposal and the development of the research question.

HM 585: Seminar in Hospitality Management (3) icon-olus-circle

This course is a doctoral seminar in HM (Hospitality Management) that addresses the conceptual foundations of the HM knowledge base.

HM 586: Data Analysis in Hospitality Management (3) icon-olus-circle

This course is a doctoral seminar in HM (Hospitality Management) that addresses multivariate data analysis techniques used in hospitality management.

RISE 500L: Responsible Conduct of Research in Life and Health Sciences (1) icon-olus-circle

This course explores the ethical basis for the responsible conduct of research, and highlights the challenges faced by today's scientists.

Colloquium (3 Credits, Max. 5 Credits):

HM 590: Colloquium (3 Min. / 5 Max.) icon-olus-circle

Continuing (1-credit) seminars which consist of a series of individual lectures by faculty, students, or outside speakers. There are five (5) options from which students may choose to complete this requirement: Research, Higher Education, Philosophy of Science, Pedagogy, and Grant Writing.

Statistics and Quantitative Methods (12 Credits Minimum):

STAT 500 (3) - Required icon-olus-circle

Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, power, estimation, confidence intervals, regression, one- and 2-way ANOVA, Chi-square tests, diagnostics.

Additional 9 Credits icon-olus-circle

Students will work with their advisor to select the most appropriate courseload.

Disciplined-Based Courses (18 Credits Minimum)

Courses selected will build an HM concentration specialty area.

Outside Supporting Areas (12 Credits Minimum)

Students must select a supporting area which emphasizes course work outside of the SHM program. Outside committee member(s) should represent students' outside supporting area.


Additional Program Requirements:

SHM Event Participation icon-olus-circle

All graduate students must participate in SHM Research Mixers when offered as well as peer graduate students' Final Defense.

Conference Participation icon-olus-circle

All Ph.D. Candidates must make at least three (3) conference presentations, refereed, prior to graduation. This is in addition, and separate from, the required participation at the Graduate Exhibition Ph.D. candidate must also participate in at least once before graduating.

Teaching icon-olus-circle

All Ph.D. Candidates are expected to teach at least one (1) semester, if courses available, before graduating. Alternative options, such as tutoring, will be available if not.

Journal Submissions icon-olus-circle

Three (3) submissions to a refereed journal are required before a Ph.D. candidate is allowed to sit for the final oral exam (Ph.D. Final Defense).

Meet Vital Deadlines icon-olus-circle
  • Upon successful completion of the Qualifying Exam, students must submit the Committee Appointment Form to the Graduate Administrative Assistant within three (3) months and no later than one (1) year from the date of passing.
  • Dissertation Publication Deadline is twelve (12) months from date of the Final Defense, not the date of graduation.
Committee Makeup icon-olus-circle

The majority component of a Ph.D. student’s doctoral committee must be represented by the SHM Graduate Faculty (that is a faculty member whose focus area is in hospitality management).