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Placement Office Policy for Students

Students who are interviewing MUST attend any information session that is scheduled in conjunction with the visit. The only exception to this is if you are in a scheduled class at the time of the information session. Missing work, a study group meeting or club meetings are NOT valid excuses. If you are in HM 430, the instructors have agreed to allow students to go to an information session for 20-30 minutes and then return to Café Laura before meals start. After the seventh week of classes (when meals start), you are exempt from information sessions and should remain in class.

If you are chosen to interview with a company and have scheduled a time to interview, you cannot cancel with less than 48 hours notice. The companies need time to fill the empty slot.
The penalty for missing an information session or an interview is losing interview privileges for the remainder of the semester in which the infraction occurred. Please don’t make us enforce this rule.

SHM Internship Information

Internship information: An “internship” is a structured program designed by the employer to provide the student intern with a variety of learning experiences in the hospitality business. Although a formal internship is not required as part of the 1000 hours of the work experience requirement, qualified students who participate in such a program find it very beneficial in exploring job options and establishing contacts. Corporations which invest time and training in student interns are often interested in hiring those students after graduation.

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