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Daniel Bove, BS, ‘12, Exercise Science

Penn State’s kinesiology program gave Daniel a holistic understanding of the human body and its interconnected systems which enables him to assess, and problem solve with a unique perspective.



Daniel Bove Head shot

Daniel's life at Penn State was a transformative journey. Originally interested in architecture, he had a passion for fine arts and pursued a career as a medical illustrator. However, his interest in anatomy, fitness, and strength and conditioning led him to take a Kinesiology class with Dr. Cynthia Bartok. This experience ignited his fascination with biomechanics and exercise physiology, prompting him to switch his major from Fine Arts to Kinesiology. Meeting John and Sue Challis further shaped his academic career. A course in Biomechanics from Dr. John Challis helped him develop an appreciation for the physics behind athletic movement, while Sue's physical education classes deepened his understanding of coaching.

Daniel received his Master of Science from the University of South Florida in 2014. Since graduation, he has worked for the Atlanta Hawks, and Phoenix Suns. Currently, he is the Director of Sports Science and Performance for the New Orleans Pelicans. He is also a renowned author. Daniel has published two books. His first, "The Quadrant System" Navigating Stress in Team Sport," focuses on how to properly dose training stress during the course of a competitive season. His most recent book, "Takeoff: A Visual Guide for Training and Monitoring Lower Body Power," explores the physics involved with jumping and several strategies for improving explosive performance.

Daniel Bove Action

When Daniel wasn’t wrestling with the club team he was volunteering with THON. One of his favorite memories at Penn State was when he was selected as a Public Relations Captain for THON's Photography Committee during his senior year in 2012. The committee's goal was to surpass the $10-million-dollar mark for annual money raised for childhood cancer research. Thankfully, they achieved their target, raising over 10.6 million dollars. During this time, he had the opportunity to connect with inspiring children and families who were fighting courageously against cancer. 

In addition to his academic pursuits, Daniel also had a fun hobby of rapping during his younger years. He and his friend recorded several mixtapes in a recording booth at the Sparks building and the duo performed at various fraternities off-campus on weekends. Their first live performance took place at TDX fraternity during his freshman year (2008). They wore Mario and Luigi costumes during their sets, which had the crowd raucous enough to almost bring the house down.

Daniel's journey at Penn State provided a blend of artistic and scientific interests, as well as a dedication to coaching athletes and enhancing athletic performance. He could not imagine following a different path.

This profile was published July, 2023.