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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Enrich your academic experience — and meet other students who share similar interests — by taking advantage of a wide array of organizations that are open to any student in the College of Health and Human Development.


College Specific Organizations

College-Wide Organizations icon-olus-circle

Health and Human Development Ambassadors

As College of Health and Human Development Ambassadors, students promote the interests of the college at events involving prospective students, current students, and alumni. Students have the opportunity to participate in events that include, but are not limited to, Majors and Minors Night, Accepted Student Programs, and events as requested per the Dean and/or other members of the College’s Administration.

The goal is to represent the College of Health and Human Development at the highest standard, while encouraging a sense of community between our Ambassadors, faculty, alumni, and most importantly, our prospective students to enhance the overall mission of the College. 

Students interested being an HHD Ambassador should be passionate about studying, not only at Penn State, but in the College of Health and Human Development. Application and interview process are required.

Contact: Executive Board ( or Adviser, Chris Arbutina (

Health and Human Development Student Council

As an HHD Student Council member, you will represent the college to the university’s dean and faculty. Geared toward developing cooperation, communication, and unity, the Council’s activities represent student interests and give HHD a voice and say in the university as a whole. All students majoring in the College of Health and Human Development are qualified to become members of the Undergraduate Student Council.

Contact: Executive Board ( or Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Outreach (814-865-1427)

Diversity and Inclusion Student Association in Health and Human Development (DISA)

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Student Association is to assist the College of Health and Human Development's Office for Diversity and Inclusion with innovative ideas and programs that support students from underrepresented groups as well as raise awareness and engage in discussions around topics such identity, equity, and inclusion. Students will have the opportunity to participate in and facilitate activities that promote students' academic, personal, and professional development.

Contact: Adviser, David de la Rosa (

Health and Human Development Honor Society

Students who have shown commendable work habits are eligible for invitation to the Health and Human Development Honor Society. To receive an invitation, you will have to be at least in sophomore standing and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Schreyer Honors College students are also automatically invited to join.

Once you become a club member, you will have to maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA in order to remain an active member. Throughout the semester, you will participate in four events selected from a total of eight outings, including general body meetings and social events. As a member, you’ll participate in five hours of community service hours each semester and select from service events coordinated by the club or from your own volunteer opportunities.

Contact: Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Outreach (814-865-1427)

Phi Epsilon Kappa

Phi Epsilon Kappa is a nationally recognized Co-Ed professional fraternity for students in health related fields. Phi Epsilon Kappa aims to provide opportunities for professional development, professional networking, and community engagement. As a fraternity, Phi Epsilon Kappa also aims to foster friendships and a sense of brotherhood among students pursuing careers in health.

Contact: Executive Board ( or Adviser, Travis Masterson (

Major Specific Organizations

Biobehavioral Health icon-olus-circle

Biobehavioral Health Society

The Biobehavioral Health Society was created to facilitate a positive learning environment in the undergraduate program and to foster communication between faculty and students. The society holds regular meetings that focus on recognizing outstanding achievements and developing educational and career opportunities for students.

Contact: Adviser, Julie States (

Communication Sciences and Disorders icon-olus-circle

Audiology Club

The Penn State Audiology Club brings together students with a passion for helping the deaf and hard-of-hearing and offers professional, networking, and service opportunities related to the field of audiology. Guest speakers such as professors from graduate schools and successful alumni pursuing their doctorates in audiology have offered advice and networking opportunities to members. 

Contact: Executive Board ( or Adviser, Leslie Purcell (

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

Penn State chapter of the national student association that provides professional development and service opportunities for students pursuing careers in speech-language pathology and audiology. These activities include attending professional meetings and lectures, and planning and participating in activities dealing with persons of all ages with a communication disorder.

Contact: Adviser, Eileen Kowalski (

National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing (NBASLH)

The mission of the National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing is to maintain a viable mechanism through which the needs of Black individuals with communication disorders can be met.  The organization addresses the communication interests and concerns of Black CSD professionals, students, and consumers. 

Contact: Executive Board ( or Adviser, Nicole Etter (

Penn State Sign Language Organization (SLO)

The Sign Language Organization provides practice in American Sign Language and spreads awareness of deaf culture to the State College and University Park community. SLO provides its members with practice in the art of sign language and instruction on deaf culture during its informal meetings for anyone who is interested. All majors and ASL experience are welcome to join.

Contact: Adviser, Shasta Dreese (

Health Policy and Administration icon-olus-circle

Health Policy and Administration Club

This organization is dedicated to fostering friendships and promoting professional growth within the major. Participation is sought from all members of the major, the minor and other interested students. Activities include guest speakers from the health care field, participation in service events, and promotion of student/faculty relations.

Contact: Adviser, Richard Shurgalla (

American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) Club

ACHCA student members will be provided with great opportunities to network with leaders in long-term care. Additionally, students will be able to join ACHCA Connect, the private forum for ACHCA members to discuss job opportunities and issues faced in nursing home administration. As a courtesy, the Pennsylvania Health Care Association has agreed to help student members find internships, and possibly job opportunities within the organizations in the ACHCA.

Contact: Adviser, Diane Spokus (

American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) 

This undergraduate chapter of the major international professional organization of healthcare executives (ACHE) seeks to provide an environment for students interested in health administration to exchange ideas and views on policies and issues affecting the health care field today. Benefits include student associate membership in the international organization in addition to bimonthly periodicals updating students on national conferences, job opportunities, and new developments in the health care industry. The club sponsors speakers from the healthcare industry, trips to local health care facilities, and other important events. Additionally, students attend ACHE’s international conference in Chicago each spring. Membership applications are available in the magazine racks in 604 Ford Building. 

Contact: HPA Department (814-863-2900)

Lift the Mask Club

The purpose of the Lift the Mask Club is to reduce the stigma of mental health illnesses by increasing awareness and seeking solutions to the many problems related to mental health in our country. The club provides opportunities for club members to openly discuss issues, stories, and other aspects related to mental health, as well as resources (hotlines, websites, organizations) that relate to that topic of the meeting. It also plans to host events across campus such as yoga, dog petting, and other events that will reduce stress and promote positive mental health. 

Contact: Adviser, Christopher Calkins (

Hospitality Management icon-olus-circle

Penn State Meetings and Events Club (PCMA/MPI)

PSU Student chapter of PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) and MPI (Meeting Professionals International) focus is to provide students who have an interest in the meeting and event field the opportunity to both learn and gain hands on experience for a variety of events. Students achieve field experience in the club working as "meeting planners" to assist other PSU departments, local organizations and business to plan, execute and evaluate their events. The club provides members the opportunities to take leadership and create an event from beginning to end. In addition to this, MEC travels the country to attend the annual PCMA conference. This opportunity introduces our members to a wide array of meeting professionals and networking opportunities.  

Contact: Adviser, Kerianne Smith (

Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association

The Penn State student chapter of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association is committed to our members' academic and career advancement in the hospitality industry, while providing a platform for interpersonal and student leadership development.

Contact: Executive Board (

Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society (PSHRS)

PSHRS is the umbrella student organization in the School of Hospitality Management, and serves as the student chapter of the School of Hospitality Management's 9,000-member-strong alumni society.

Contact: Adviser, Kim Cooper (

Casino Management Club

The Casino Management Club provides members with an introduction and access to the commercial gaming as well as night life and entertainment industry. The club is primarily educational student trips to major gaming markets like Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Contact: Adviser, Ben Jellison (

Elite League of Hospitality in Asia

ELHA creates a worldwide professional hospitality platform 1) to build strong networking between elite members who have strong ambitions to develop Asia Hospitality Industry, 2) to provide elite members channels to understand, enter and develop the Asia Hospitality Industry and, 3) to share resources between elite members including talents, innovative ideas and funds in Asia Hospitality industry. ELHA will become a close league of elite to develop and improve Asian potential Hospitality Industry together.

Contact: Adviser, Chandler (Heyao) Yu (

Eta Sigma Delta Hospitality Honors Society (ESD)

ETA Sigma Delta is a national affiliation, which stands on five points of honor: excellence, leadership, creativity, service, and ethics. The Penn State chapter of Eta Sigma Delta is one of over 60 chapters in hotel schools around the world. ESD's mission is to enhance the Hospitality Management experience for high-achieving individuals within the major. These individuals will engage in professional development, discover the community, and explore their interests by completing community service projects. 

Contact: Adviser, Chandler (Heyao) Yu (

Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA)

The Penn State student chapter of HAMA (Hospitality Asset Managers Association) serves students who are interested in learning more about or pursuing careers in real estate and asset management in the hospitality industry.

Contact: Adviser, John O'Neill (

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) is a global organization committee to growing business by fueling sales, inspiring marketing, and optimizing revenue.

Contact: Adviser, Donna Quadri-Felitti (

Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals Association (HFTP)

The Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals allows students to explore the financial and technological side of the hospitality industry and to delve into topics that interest them and aid in future endeavors. Students are given insight on the career paths that are available in the hospitality industry.

Contact: Adviser, Jeff Heim (

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH)

NSMH serves to be the premier professional organization for developing exceptional minority student talent and leadership.

Contact: Advisers, Jeff Heim ( or Maria Kim (

School of Hospitality Management THON (SHM THON)

The School of Hospitality Management THON Organization is a general organization within the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. THON is committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Our mission is to support these families and raise awareness to promote funding for the Four Diamond Foundation in hopes for a cure. 

Contact: Adviser TBD

Human Development and Family Studies icon-olus-circle

Human Development and Family Studies Undergraduate Student Organization

This organization promotes the HDFS major and presents programs appropriate to interests of students within and outside the major. Alumni and guest speakers are invited to meetings, and members participate in College activities to promote more faculty/student involvement.

Contact: Adviser, Aaron Miller (

Kinesiology icon-olus-circle

Kinesiology Club

The Kinesiology Club is for undergraduate students enrolled in the Kinesiology major or minor. The purpose of the club is to provide students with a forum of extracurricular opportunities. Such opportunities shall include leadership, hands-on experiences, networking, seminars, certification programs and a voice for Kinesiology students at the department and college level. Also, a goal is to promote the “professional responsibility” of its members with a specific focus on enhancing their employment opportunities.

Contact: Adviser, Melissa Rodgers (

Student Athletic Training Club (ATC)

The ATC is an educational component for students interested in Athletic Training as a career. The Club promotes unity among all student trainers and furthers their educational experiences. Activities include films and guest speakers.

Contact: Adviser, Giampietro "John" Vairo (

Physical Therapy Volunteers

The University Health Services Physical Therapy Department (UHS-PT) is dedicated to serving students with musculoskeletal injuries to facilitate the patient’s recovery to their desired level of activity.

The PT volunteer program offers opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy or other health-related fields. Student volunteers are encouraged to observe the physical therapist/physical therapist assistant/athletic trainer-patient interaction and ask questions. Opportunities may arise for student volunteers to follow a patient through their exercise program.

Training for PT volunteers takes place at the beginning of each semester and includes an administrative and an infection control orientation given by UHS staff. Orientation specific to the PT department is given by the PT staff.

To be considered, submit your completed application online or visit the Student Health Center, Room 101. Student volunteers are scheduled on a first-come, first-served per semester basis and hours/days usually range from 2-4 hours/1-2 days per week. Internship opportunities are also available.

Contact: Physical Therapy Dept, University Health Services (814-865-7381)

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

The Pre-Physical Therapy Club aims to give students interested in Physical Therapy as a profession a source of information regarding graduate programs in Physical Therapy. The club brings a group of students who share a common career goal together in the hope that they can act as human resources to one another and develop lasting friendships.

Contact: Adviser, William Buckley (

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

What is Human Factors and Ergonomics?

The purpose of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society is to promote and advance the understanding of human factors involved in the design, manufacture, and use of machines, systems, environments, and devices of all kinds through the interchange of knowledge and methodology in the behavioral, biological, and physical sciences and in industrial, computer science, and other relevant disciplines. The Chapter will provide networking links to industry and academic professionals in these areas through guest lectures, lab and plant tours, regions and national conferences, job fairs, and social events.

Contact: Adviser, Yiqi Zhang (

Nutritional Sciences icon-olus-circle

Student Nutrition Association

The purpose of the SNA is to provide opportunities for personal and professional development to its members. The SNA members includes students in nutrition or other nutrition-related majors. Meetings and activities focus on enhanced knowledge of the profession, careers in nutrition, and community service activities. Activities include the American Diabetes Association’s Walktoberfest, the SNA Peer Mentor Program, and monthly meetings where guest speakers are often invited.

Contact: Adviser, Jennifer Fleming (

Student Farm Club

The Student Farm Club's purpose is to organize, engage, and involve students with the Sustainable Food Systems Program through club meetings, outreach, and educational events, collaboration with other organizations, engagement with the State College community, work on the Student Farm, and other related activities. The club provides leadership, educational, and engagement opportunities while supporting sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Contact: Adviser, Marta Plumhoff ( or Leslie Pillen (

Food Recovery Network at Penn State

Food Recovery Network at Penn State serves PSU's student body through Lion's Pantry and a local homeless shelter in downtown State College. This organization offers a unique chance to build connections with both students and community members and a platform to create systemwide change to improve environmental and human health. 

Contact: Adviser, Marta Plumhoff (

Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management icon-olus-circle

Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Student Society

The purpose of the RPTMSS is to provide opportunities for professional development and social interaction for Recreation, Park and Tourism Management majors and other interested students at the University. The society hosts a number of guest speakers and educational sessions, organizes travel to professional conferences and sponsors social events to assist in the professional growth of students.

Contact: Adviser, Kristin Thomas ( or

Penn State Professional Golf Management Society (PSPGMS)

This society was created for Recreation, Park and Tourism Management majors pursuing the option in Professional Golf Management. All students in the option are required to be members. PSPGMS invites professionals/guest speakers to meetings, encourages member participation in program, college and community activities, and serves as the conduit for promoting information pertinent to students’ course of study.

Contact: Advisers, Brian Soule ( or Mitchell Smith (

Sports Business Club

The purpose of the Penn State Sports Business Club is to foster the growth of students' knowledge in the business of sport through exposure to industry professionals while providing opportunities for internships and future careers in sports and similar fields. The club is meant for both aspiring sports professionals and sports fans with some interest in the business side of sports. We hope to place as many of our members in jobs in the sports industry as possible. It is a great club to improve your network both socially and professionally. 

Contact: Adviser, John Powell (

Association for Women in Sports Media

AWSM helps advance women in the sports media industry by advocating for women in sports media through mentorship and networking opportunities; promoting a fair portrayal of female professionals in sports media, encouraging diversity, positive workplace environments, and equal access to opportunities; and assisting college women interested in pursuing careers in sports media through internships and scholarship opportunities. 

Contact: Adviser, John Affleck (

Interest-Based Organizations

Health Career-Related Organizations icon-olus-circle
Note: given a large number of HHD students are interested in various health professions, many health-related organizations are listed above in the Major Specific section. Please review the Major Specific section for more options based on your interests.



HealthWorks is a peer education outreach program dedicated to serving the Penn State community by educating students about wellness, nutrition, sexual health, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use issues.

HealthWorks Peer Educators facilitate workshops, sponsor University-wide outreach events, and advocate for health within the University and larger community. HealthWorks Peer Educators are trained during fall semester. The training consists of 2 courses that offer academic credits. A 1-credit Biobehavioral Health course offers training in how to be a HealthWorks educator; both theory and leadership skills are addressed. The second course, which is 2 credits, will provide information on college health issues relevant to each content area, as well as presentation skills.

To apply to be a HealthWorks Peer Educator, please visit our website or the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness, 201 Student Health Center. Application deadlines are traditionally in the spring for the following fall.

Contact: HealthWorks Coordinator, University Health Services (814-863-0461)

Office of Emergency Medical Services

The Office of EMS is always looking for certified Pennsylvania EMTs and Paramedics to become new volunteers with University Ambulance Service. New volunteer EMTs are scheduled on either day or night ambulance shifts with regular crew members for training and orientation. Students fill various company officer positions, and receive leadership training and opportunities as part of their service experience.

If you are not currently certified as a Pennsylvania EMT, there are many local training opportunities to become certified. Penn State offers the EMT course (KINES 403) every semester. Volunteers who have gone through the orientation program may become eligible to apply for regular ambulance and special events crew positions. These are part-time, paid positions with the Office of EMS. Applications are accepted from EMTs, EMT-Ps, and EMT-HPs who are Penn State students and have completed the University Ambulance Service volunteer training program and hold certifications in CPR, AED, EVOC, and HAZMAT-Ops.

To be considered, submit your completed application to the Penn State Office of Emergency Medical Services, 123 Student Health Center, University Park, PA 16802.

Contact: EMS Manager, University Health Services (814-865-1772)

Emergency Medical Services Association

The purpose and mission of the Penn State Emergency Medical Services Association is to promote camaraderie among students with an interest in EMS; to promote EMS awareness and education; and to support the university and surrounding community in its efforts to deliver quality emergency medical services.

Contact: Adviser, Josh Fremberg (

Clinic Volunteer Program

The University Health Services Clinic Volunteer Program provides students with the opportunity to interact professionally with patients in the Clinical Services department. As a volunteer, you can work closely with members of the clinical staff, assist the nurses and patients with a variety of duties while getting first-hand understanding of the dynamics of the health care system and improving communication skills at the same time.

Clinic volunteers must commit to working in the clinic for one 4-hour block of time each week for a minimum of 2 semesters. Students earn four credits for participating in the Clinic Volunteer Program. Applications are available at the UHS Information Desk in the Student Health Center each February or online. Students are interviewed and selected for this program each spring semester.

Contact: University Health Services (814-863-0774)

American Medical Student Association

AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. AMSA members are medical students, premedical students, interns, residents, and practicing physicians.

Contact: Adviser, Marc Counterman (

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

The purpose of the Pre-Physician Assistant Club is to provide students interested in the physician assistant profession with support and valuable information about graduate school and the PA career.

Contact: Adviser, Kimberly Johnson (

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

The Pre-Physical Therapy Club aims to give students interested in Physical Therapy as a profession a source of information regarding graduate programs in Physical Therapy. The club brings a group of students who share a common career goal together in the hope that they can act as human resources to one another and develop lasting friendships.

Contact: Adviser, William Buckley (

Sports Medicine Club at Penn State

The mission of this organization shall be to educate students on the available opportunities in sports medicine. We strive to provide students with numerous opportunities for internships, shadowing, and future employment in the sports medicine industry.

Contact: Adviser, Nathan Zechman (

Public Health Club

This organization allows students to stay up to date with public health concerns as well as assist students in applying to graduate schools or the job force.

Contact: Adviser, Lindsay Fernandez-Rhodes (

Remote Area Medical

Penn State RAM is a college chapter of the national nonprofit Remote Area Medical, which hosts health clinics across the country to provide free, quality healthcare to those in need. Our chapter supports this goal by volunteering at RAM clinics in Pennsylvania and neighboring states, while also pursuing service projects and enriching students’ experiences with workshops and resources.

Contact: Adviser, Lisa Kerchinski (

Occupational Therapy Club

The Occupational Therapy Club is the perfect environment to meet other students preparing to apply to OT graduate school. In order to fully enlighten students about this field and the process of applying, club members participate in a wide range of meetings and events: informational sessions led by the executive team, Zoom calls with graduate school admissions officers, Zoom calls with students currently in graduate school, and community service activities such as the Autism 5k.

Contact: Adviser, James Herbert (

Pre-Dental Society

The mission of the Penn State Pre-Dental Society is to aid students in the pursuit of the field of dentistry and to provide opportunities both socially and through philanthropy.

Contact: Adviser, David Cassiday (

The Minority Association of Pre-Medical/Health Students

The Minority Association of Pre-Medical/Health Students is a national organization affiliated to the Student National Medical Association. As a national organization that has numerous chapters across America, the purpose is to increase the number of underrepresented students entering and completing health professional education.

Contact: Executive Board (

Latino Pre-Health Student Association

The mission of this organization shall be to support, guide, and empower Latino students aspiring to pursue careers in the medical field. It will provide academic guidance and professional development opportunities while promoting cultural awareness in the healthcare sector. The main goal is to help members excel academically and positively contribute to their communities through medicine.

Contact: Adviser, Katherine Masters (

Service-Related Organizations icon-olus-circle

Centre Helps Club

Centre Helps is a local nonprofit that has been serving the Centre County community for nearly 50 years through a 24/7 hotline providing resources and referrals, emotional support, and crisis intervention to those in need. The PSU Centre Helps Club will serve as a bridge between service opportunities for the community offered through Centre Helps and the Penn State campus community.


Student Philanthropy Network

The mission of the Student Philanthropy Network is to educate and engage current students in the University’s philanthropic culture while cultivating leaders through exposure to the Division of Development and Alumni Relations, its activities, as well as other professional development opportunities. Students interested in this organization will participate in events, fundraising campaigns, and University traditions such as the Class Gift Campaign.

Contact: Executive Board ( or adviser, Haley Rappoldt (

Student Red Cross Club

The mission of the Student Red Cross Club is to coordinate student activities related to the programs fostered by the American Red Cross. These activities include but are not limited to: blood services, safety and lifesaving instruction, health fairs, youth services, and other projects agreed upon by the membership.

Contact: Red Cross, Laura Merritt (

The Lion's Pantry

The mission of Lion's Pantry is to address and mitigate student hunger at Penn State University Park campus. This is accomplished by helping to provide sustenance to Penn State students experiencing food insecurity.

Contact: Executive Board ( or adviser, Heide Gibson (

Special Olympics Club at Penn State

The purpose of Special Olympics Penn State is to connect college students and individuals with intellectual disabilities through sports to build friendships and help lead the social justice movement of Special Olympics. This is an opportunity for the students of Penn State - University Park to enhance the living of people with intellectual disabilities and build a more accepting campus for everyone. Members will engage in various intramural leagues, club sport collaborations and fitness and wellness activities to build relationships through physical activity. 

Contact: Executive Board ( or adviser, Diane Baldwin (

Club Sports Teams icon-olus-circle

Visit for more information and a full list of club sports teams. 

Examples of club sports teams include basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, swimming, track & field, softball, volleyball, cross country, boxing, powerlifting, and archery. 

Identity-Based Organizations

LGBTQ+ Organizations icon-olus-circle


To promote transgender participation in research | Instagram: @after_psu

Ally House

Housing option for LGBTQ+ students | Instagram: @allyhouse.psu

Gender and Sexual Divserity in Schreyer

For LGBTQ+ students in the Schreyer Honors College | Instagram: @gsds_psu

Lion Pride Caucus

Umbrella caucus for LGBTQ+ students | Instagram: @pennstatelionpride


Drag ambassadors of Penn State | Instagram: @psuopulence

Out in STEM

For LGBTQ+ students in STEM majors | Instagram: @ostempsu

Queer and Trans People of Color

For LGBTQ+ students of color | Instagram: @qtpoc_psu

Special Population Organizations icon-olus-circle

First-Gen Advocates

First-Gen Advocates (FGA)  is a student-run organization that supports and mentors undergraduate first-generation students through professional development workshops and social, community-building events.

Contact: Adviser, Denise Poole ( or

Penn State Student Disability Alliance

This organization seeps to create a more invlusive and accessibly campus environment through education, outreach, and advocacy efforts. 

Contact: Adviser, Janey Lyon (

Student Chronic Illness Community

A student-run organization that strives to provide a safe, welcoming environment for students with physical chronic illnesses to seek peer support through social events and recurring support groups. 

Contact: Adviser, Kristy Lloyd (

Veteran's Organization

Veterans helping veterans transition from the military to college. Get help with the GI Bill, scholarships, class selection, and more. 

Contact: Adviser, Eugene Mcfeely (

Omega Delta Sigma Veteran's Fraternity

ODS exists to provide veterans and military members attending school with the opportunity to form connections with other military members, help with the transition process, and provides student leadership positions, community volunteering, and professional networking.

Contact: Adviser, Lewis Watt (

Adult Learners at Penn State

A student organization that seeks to support and enhance the educational and developmental experiences of adult learners. A student is considered an adult learner if at least one of the following applies:

  • 24 years of age or older
  • A veteran of the armed forces or active-duty military
  • Returning to school after 4 or more years of employment, homemaking, or another activity
  • A person who assumes multiple roles such as parent, spouse/partner, employee, and student

Contact: Adviser, Leslie Laing (

Culture Specific Organizations icon-olus-circle

There are countless cultures represented at Penn State, and more than likely a student group exists around a culture you identify with to create community. For a full list of culture specific student organizations, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to OrgCentral
  • From the left menu, select "Organizations" (the person icon)
  • Using the filter feature, select "Categories" and check off "Culture & Community"
Religious Organizations icon-olus-circle

There are countless religions represented at Penn State, and more than likely a student group exists around a religion or spirituality you identify with to create community. For a full list of religiously affiliated student organizations, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to OrgCentral
  • From the left menu, select "Organizations" (the person icon)
  • Using the filter feature, select "Categories" and check off "Religion & Spirituality"


Al-Ghadeer Association

To provide a community for the Shi'as in State College, hold social and spiritual gatherings, pray and read and study the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed and Ahlulbayt.

Contact: Adviser, Wolfgang Bruckner (

Catholic Campus Ministries

To give witness to a Catholic presence in the university life and to promote and sustain the wellbeing of the whole Catholic person. 

Contact: Adviser, Martin Klanchar (


To foster Jewish pride and identity by providing a warm environment that enables Penn State students to explore their Jewish heritage regardless of religious background or financial status. 

Contact: Adviser, Ruth Edelstein (

Christian Student Fellowship

To promote the love of Jesus Christ within the college community here at Penn State. Weekly meetings allow time for fellowship, worship, Biblical teaching, and discussion. 

Contact: Adviser, Jay Regan (

Cru at Penn State

To introduce students to Jesus Christ, help them grow in their faith, encourage them to live life passionately under the lordship of Christ, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world. 

Contact: Adviser, Heather Holleman (

Hillel at Penn State

To enrich the lives of the 5,000 Jewish students at Penn State so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. 

Contact: Associate Director, Robyn Markowitz Lawler (

Hindu YUVA at Penn State

To bring the Hindu student community together, spread the message of oneness, and explain the importance of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the world as one family). 

Contact: Adviser, Sarma Pisupati (

Muslim Students' Association

To create a safe, fun, and friendly community for Muslim students or students who would like to learn more about Islam on campus.

Contact: Adviser, Wael Jabr (


University-Wide Organizations

See what the ever-growing collection of other Penn State Student Organizations and Clubs have to offer you during your time at Penn State.