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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs available on campus, the College of Health and Human Developments offers degree programs and courses online through the World Campus, Penn State’s virtual campus. Students anywhere in the world can pursue these degrees with confidence that they will receive the same level of excellence and high standard as they would if they were on campus.

Undergraduate Degrees

Biobehavioral Health B.S. (BBH)

Examine the interaction between biological, behavioral, psychological, sociocultural, and environmental factors that influence human health and wellness. By taking coursework in chemistry, biology, physiology, and genetics, students learn the “science behind health” and how to effectively address and solve a wide array of problems related to human health and illness.

Health Policy and Administration B.S. (HPA)

Elevate health care delivery and quality with a focus on addressing ongoing and future challenges in health economics, health management, and the workforce at large. This degree integrates business, liberal arts, and health sciences to prepare students for careers in healthcare administration, government delivery of healthcare, and improving access for under-served populations.

Human Development and Family Studies B.S. (HDFS)

Learn how humans develop physically, emotionally, and socially throughout the lifespan. This versatile degree provides a foundation for a variety of disciplines, including child and adolescent development, adult development and aging, biological aspects of human development, family studies, intervention research, and developmental research methods. Coursework provides students with the knowledge and skills required to positively impact individuals, families, and communities, and prepares them for further study in social work, counseling, and teaching.

Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management B.S. (RPTM)

Positively impact health and wellness through recreation, park, tourism, and leisure opportunities by examining the global impact of leisure on human development and health, as well as the effects of recreation and tourism on ecological, economic, and cultural systems.

Graduate Programs

Master of Health Administration in Health Policy and Administration (OMHA)

The OMHA program helps students combine health-related work experience with a strong business management education by expanding qualifications for challenging leadership positions in health care and providing tools to lead change in a dynamic environment.

Master of Professional Studies in Nutritional Sciences (MPS)

Designed for registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) who are interested in enhancing their careers and advancing their skills and students who hold an undergraduate degree in a nutrition-related field. This degree will help prepare you for evidence-based advanced practice with coursework focused on development of leadership skills.