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Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management
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Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management

The Commercial Recreation and Tourism Management Option is tailor-made for students whose professional aspirations include event planning, managing and marketing tourism venues and organizations, recreational sports programs, resort activities, live entertainment, and festivals... to name just a few.

To help you develop a well-rounded view of the “experience” industry, this option includes a diverse variety of courses focused in:

  • business
  • leadership
  • event design
  • travel and tourism
  • marketing
  • management


With a focus on engaged learning, in RPTM, students have many opportunities to learn hands-on – from learning about the cruise industry while on a cruise ship to visiting the top arenas and live entertainment facilities on the East Coast.  Students in RPTM interface with professionals in the for-profit recreation sector and the travel and tourism industry to facilitate networking and on-site experiential learning.


As a graduate, you will be well equipped to:

  • develop a comprehensive recreation and tourism business plan
  • create strategic management decisions for for-profit recreation/tourism organizations
  • manage personnel, programs and facilities
  • design and deliver events and other life changing experiences for guests and customers in a variety of settings

You will be well prepared for a career that improves the quality of life and place for others.

Guest Activities Practicum icon-olus-circle

The purpose of the 3 credit Guest Activities Practicum is to provide students with hands-on exposure to the delivery of recreation services and management of those services in a major tourism destination(s). Students will interact with faculty, other students and recreation professionals in the collaboration and sharing of ideas.  

The course is designed to increase students' understanding of resort recreation, the issues related to delivering resort recreation services, the management strategies used, and the factors affecting guest experiences. The course format is one which focuses on problem solving, interaction among participating students, faculty, and professionals, and will provide students with the opportunity to actively engage with customers.  Students have the opportunity to interface with managers in industry. 

Each semester, RPTM partners with a recreation entity such as Marriott Vacation Club or Carnival Cruise line.  The course includes a week long engaged learning experience in which students are on site at resorts or at sea on a cruise!  

Past locations for the on-site portion of the trip include:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Hilton Head, South Carolina
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Newport Beach, California

And cruises to:

  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Belize
  • Cayman Islands
  • Bahamas

Course fees are added to the student's bursar account but additional fees for airfare and food may apply.