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Experiential Learning in Meeting and Event Management Internship (RPTM 395)

The internship is an integral component of the MEMC program. It is intended that students take the internship in the middle of the MEMC program to allow students to acquire skills in the field, bringing new their new understandings into the classroom and apply knowledge gained in the classroom in a professional meeting and events setting. 

Internship Requirements icon-olus-circle

The MEMC Experiential Learning in Meeting and Event Management Internship is 3 credit hours (135 hours). Students are expected to spend,

  • 120 hours will be dedicated to working at the agency. 
  • 15 hours will be dedicated to course work associated with the internship administered by the MEMC RPTM Faculty Coordinator.

The MEMC internship must be an approved meetings and events management position. The duties performed during the MEMC RPTM internship must develop knowledge and skills according to the MEMC internship Responsibilities Standards. The approval will be based on the internship/job description, not the title of the position. 

Update Academic Plan

Before the search for a MEMC internship begins,  students should confirm their participation in the MEMC program with their academic advisor and update their academic plan in LionPath to reflect that they plan to complete the Meeting and Events Management Certificate. 

MEMC Internship Proposal Deadlines and Approval Process icon-olus-circle

The MEMC Internship proposal must be completed by the following deadlines. Students should consult with the RPTM MEMC Faculty Coordinator before the internship proposal deadline. 

Semester Date
Summer 2022 Rolling Deadline
Fall 2022 Rolling Deadline
Spring 2023 Rolling Deadline

Approval Process

In consultation with the RPTM MEMC Faculty Coordinator, students will review the MEMC Internship Standards Worksheet. The worksheet is a guide for students and agencies to verify that the internship opportunity will qualify as an approved internship.  Prior to the internship approval students must;

  1. Search for their own internship
  2. Obtain an internship/job description from the potential agency supervisor
  3. Student and the Agency supervisor must ensure that internship responsibilities meet  the MEMC Responsibilities Standards 
  4. The student and the MEMC Coordinator will review the description, goals, and objectives 
  5. If the internship does not meet the MEMC standards the internship responsibilities must be adjusted or the student begins the process again by searching for a different agency and internship opportunity. 
MEMC RPTM Internship Proposal Portal icon-olus-circle

MEMC internship proposals must complete the Online MEMC Internship Proposal. A completed online proposal includes:

  • A written confirmation that student has been hired by an agency/organization for a position
  • All questions within the Online MEMC Internship Proposal have been answered
  • All necessary files have been uploaded
How to Register for the RPTM 395 Internship icon-olus-circle

After the internship proposal deadline, the RPTM MEMC Faculty Coordinator will conduct a final review of internship proposals. Students will receive an email confirming that the internship has or has not been approved. Upon approval,

  • The RPTM Faculty Coordinator will send the names of students and appropriate information to the RPTM academic adviser.
  • The RPTM academic adviser will register students for RPTM 395 for the appropriate semester

Completing the Meetings and Events Management Certificate gave me skills I use everyday. The combination of HM and RPTM classes I took gave me a strong foundation that I was able to utilize in the internships that gave me the practical experience. I feel like I am better prepared for the career I want than I would be without MEMC.

Bethany Lambert
Recreation, Park and Tourism Management '19