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Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) uses proprietary technology and electrochemiluminescence for a platform similar to ELISA but able to detect multiple analytes simultaneously. However, while ELISA coats the entire bottom of a 96-well plate for the solid-phase, MSD divides each well into, up to, 10-spots and coats each spot with a different analyte binding area. This unique technology can amplify signal strength giving very high sensitivity and large dynamic range compared to ELISA. BCL testing fee is for running one kit set of analytes as purchased and includes reader fees. BCL reader fees are based on per plate read.

BCL Equipment

Meso QuickPlex icon-olus-circle

The  Meso QuickPlex instrument is a multiplexing instrument from MSD, offering affordable access to high‑performance, electrochemiluminescence immunoassays. This compact system has been engineered to perform multiple, simultaneous tests on a single sample thereby increasing productivity, conserving sample, and delivering results quickly. The QuickPlex has a wide menu of commercially available assay kits and a full line of components and reagents for developing your own assays. 

PSU gets an automatic 15% discount on kit purchasing and free training

MSD offers several levels of kits:

  • R-plex kits are matched antibody sets best for development work and includes biotinylated capture antibody, SULFO-TAG labeled detection antibody, and a calibrator.
  • U-plex kits allow for full customizations using known analytes. These can be separated onto different plates based on analytes known to not interfere with each other or can on the same plate as desired.
  • V-plex kits are fully validated, precoated for specific analytes, ready to use assays. These offer the highest lot-to-lot consistency. V-plex plus kits include controls and wash along with all normal v-plex kit components. These are the best choice to ensure optimal accuracy and repeatability.

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PSU contacts for MSD

Brian Gribble – Account Manager
Phone – 412-302-7368
E-mail –

Gaurav Deshmukh – Field Application Scientist
Phone – 240-314-2798
E-mail –