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Welcome to the Epidemiology and Genetics across Populations & Societies (Epi-GaPS) Lab Website!

Our Research Mission:

Dr. Fernández-Rhodes is a trained epidemiologist with experience in the areas of Genetic, Epigenetic, and Social Epidemiology. Her interdisciplinary research program seeks to 1) elucidate the complex etiology of chronic diseases, and 2) identify drivers of health disparities in the United States, both across the life course and across generations.  To this aim, she leads a vibrant lab that conducts bio-psychosocially integrated studies of reproductive and cardiovascular traits in under-studied and marginalized populations, such as United States Hispanic/Latino immigrants and their families.  They use a variety of traditional epidemiologic and family-based genetic methods to describe the intergenerational patterning of genetic, epigenetic and societal risk factors and their cumulative impact on health across the life course.

Person with crossed arms standing in front of a brick wall.

Current Research Initiatives:


  • Diversity in Epi/Genetic Epidemiologic Studies
  • Bio-Psychosocial Perspectives on Cardiometabolic and Reproductive Health
  • The Social Determinants of Health Including Immigration
  • Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities in US Society & Global Health Trends


Our Team

Six people standing outside in front of a set of stairs.

The Epi-GaPs group in front of Old Main, University Park, Spring 2022.

(Left to Right: Hridya Rao, BBH Graduate Student; Christopher Navarrete, BBH Undergraduate; Lindsay Fernandez-Rhodes, Laboratory Director; Hassan Bokhari, Immunology and Infectious Disease Undergraduate; Julia Mewha, BBH Undergraduate; Cristin McArdle, Postdoctoral Scholar).