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Goal 4: Improving college operations and resources

Objective 4.2: Develop, or refine, and codify a set of college-level operational guidelines that provide information when college-level specifics are necessary, or when university-level policies and guidelines require amplification or clarification, that are easily accessible to faculty and staff. 

Action Item 4.2.1

Systematically review, revise, and/or develop college-specific guidelines and procedures pertaining to the following operational areas - human resources; faculty affairs; development; research administration; facilities, space allocation and planning, unit budgeting and accounting, strategic communication; and information systems support.

Implementation Tasks icon-olus-circle
  • College leadership, with input from academic and operational units, faculty, and staff will discuss, decide and prioritize operation area processes for guidelines and procedure development.
  • Template for guideline and procedures will be developed
  • Lead in each operation area will address their assigned guideline and procedure tasks on pre-established timelines. 
  • Augment existing repository sites for guidelines (  and  for procedures
  • Appoint a single individual who will be responsible for managing the guideline and procedures updating process (actual changes remain the responsibility of originating units)
Responsible Party icon-olus-circle

Deans Office will coordinate initiative (operational unit leads will coordinate guideline and procedure creation)

Metrics icon-olus-circle

Repository with area specific guidelines populated. 

Start Date icon-olus-circle

Jan 2021- January 2023

Key Performance Indicators

Faculty and staff have access to a full range of guidelines and procedures documentation that are regularly updated.  Guidelines are used by multiple constituencies.