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Aerial view of Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Netherlands Experience is on hiatus
The Netherlands Experience will not be offered in the Spring 2023 semester. We are hopeful to offer the program in Spring 2024. Please contact Christina Daley if you would like to be added to a list to receive updates on the status of the program.

The Netherlands Experience

HPA 499: The Netherlands Experience is an embedded course designed to provide students with an opportunity to experience another culture and learn how healthcare is delivered in the Netherlands. The Netherlands was recently ranked one of the top three countries in healthcare based on care process, access, administrative efficiency, equity and health care outcomes, (Schneider, Sarnak, Squirres, Shah, & Doty, 2017). Likewise, the Netherlands gained national recognition for their innovative care of older adults, including dementia care.

About the Netherlands Experience icon-olus-circle

Students should hold junior status with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. A maximum of 14 students are admitted, based on motivation for the class and academic achievement. Once all spots are filled, no more applications will be considered. Prior to traveling to the Netherlands, students will participate in three seminars designed to provide students with an understanding of the Netherlands culture and history; an overview of the healthcare system with a focus on long term care management in the Netherlands and policies and regulations driving innovation in the long-term care sector in the Netherlands.

Students will travel to the Netherlands from March 7-15, 2020. During our time in the Netherlands, students will participate in a series of experiences and deliverables designed to enhance the students understanding of the Netherlands healthcare system and culture. In an effort to learn how the Netherlands achieves such impressive health outcomes students will meet with expert researchers, healthcare administrators, and other providers of care. One highlight of the experience is a visit to Hogeweyk Dementia Village, an innovative model of dementia care recently the focus of a documentary on CNN featuring Dr. Gupta. The students will also have the opportunity to engage in intergenerational activities within the residential settings. The site experiences will take us to the following locations: Amsterdam, Deventer and Maastricht.

A final seminar meeting is scheduled at the end of the semester where students may share their experiences via their final projects.

Once a student is accepted on the trip, they will need to enroll under HPA 499 Caring for an aging population: The Netherlands Experience to obtain the three-course credits in the spring. In-country costs are paid by students as well as the cost of airfare. Students are encouraged to apply for the $1000 Commonwealth Scholarship which is based on financial need to help support their trip.

How to apply icon-olus-circle

To apply for the Netherlands Experience, please visit our application page.

Students interested in the Netherlands Experience must provide :

  • A maximum one-page, single-spaced statement detailing why you are interested in pursuing this opportunity and the skills and experiences you have obtained which make you a good candidate for this trip.
  • Please list your GPA, Campus and Major/Minor you are currently enrolled in.
  • Additionally, please list if you have traveled abroad in the past. If so, where have you traveled?
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty or advisor is required at the time of application, please provide an assessment of the applicant which answers the following questions:
    • In what capacity and for what length of time have you known the applicant
    • Discuss the quality of work prepared by the applicant and applicant's intellectual motivation
    • List any special considerations of which we should be aware
    • Include faculty or advisor's contact information (Name, position, department, phone and email).

For questions, please email Dr. Christina Daley at