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Q: Will these guidelines be the same across all HHD?

A: Yes, these guidelines apply to the entire College, but it is important to note and emphasize that the application of these guidelines will vary depending on the job duties of the individual requestor and the operational needs of their unit.   In other words, every staff member will be given the same opportunity to request flexible, hybrid or remote work, but the response to that request will vary from unit to unit and potentially between positions within units.

Q: How many days per week am I permitted to work remotely as part of the flexible work program?

A: The number of remote workdays possible will depend on the position and environmental characteristics outlined above, as well as an evaluation of the overall unit’s needs.

Q: Must my remote workdays be the same every week?

A: For some units, a set schedule will need to be maintained to ensure appropriate unit and office coverage. Additional flexibility may be offered when it does not interfere with office coverage or at low volume times.

Q: Am I required to adopt a flexible work arrangement?

A: No, employees without flexible work arrangements will work in the office 5 days per week.

Q: What are the college’s core hours?

A: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time.

Q: Can an entire team work remotely on the same days?

A: Most units in HHD require some level of daily in-person office coverage.  Supervisors who support their entire team working a hybrid/remote schedule on the same date may need to justify that request to the Dean.

Q: How should I dress for Zoom meetings?

A: You should dress appropriately for work in all Zoom meetings. Penn State does not have a dress policy, but HHD encourages “dressing for your day,” which generally means appropriate dress based on your anticipated interactions with students, vendors, alumni, donors and volunteers whether those interactions will be remote or in-person.

Q: Will college wide meetings be offered both in-person and virtually?

A: To accommodate flexible, remote and hybrid employees, every effort will be made to offer a Zoom option for large meetings.

Q: How should we let our teams and others know if we are working remotely or in-office?

A: Employees should keep their calendars updated at all times notating “in office” or “remote” on calendars. Consistent communication between teams and employees will be pivotal in implementing these guidelines and is the individual responsibility of each staff member.

Q: In HR 107, under Workspace Recommendations and Equipment, the University's policy says that the university will not provide office furniture for home use, and that staff will be provided with one set of computer technology.  Will HHD be compliant with this policy?

A: Yes. The college will follow the university policy as outlined in HR 107.

Q: If an employee was previously provided with equipment (computer technology, etc.) for home use, beyond what is specified in HR 107, do they need to bring that equipment back?

A: An employee may continue to use any equipment that was previously provided for their home use until they separate from the college or their supervisor directs them to return it, at which point the equipment must be returned.  Any employee who is using a piece of university property or equipment remotely, and has not already filled out a tangible asset form, should fill one out and submit it to be signed by their supervisor. For questions about how to use the tangible asset form, refer to this reference page.

Q: May I start onsite but later request a flexible work arrangement or vice versa

A: Yes.  Start with a conversation with your supervisor if you want to consider changing a work arrangement.  Your supervisor may need to consult with the department manager.  Please note that any individual’s request to change their work arrangement will be evaluated based on their job duties and their unit’s operational needs.   If approved, your supervisor will advise you how to make any needed changes in Workday.

Q: If I work remotely, will I lose my office space on campus?

A: The College is not currently considering remote work arrangements in making space allocation decisions. However, individual units may choose to consolidate or reallocate space to meet their unit operational needs.