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Tracy Williams

Alumna helps communities identify creative solutions to local water challenges

Tracy Williams is a 1991 graduate of Human Development and Family Studies and currently lives just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. She is the vice president of business development and part owner of Donohue and Associates. Throughout her 30-year career, Tracy has utilized her HDFS degree to support her community by collaborating with local municipal offices and stakeholders to formulate solutions to challenges of water, wastewater, and storm water. Tracy’s HDFS degree continues to support her in understanding the needs of her community and local families to effect change and create a safer environment for all.

Before her current role at Donohue and Associates, Tracy used her HDFS degree to link and support families whose children were in need of services due to abuse or neglect. Her passion for assisting families in need sparked her interest and desire to continue working to find creative solutions to the problems regarding water management within her community.

Tracy grew up in State College and still makes time to reconnect with family and friends here. She and her Penn State friends—many of whom are scattered around the country—make an annual pilgrimage to Happy Valley to tailgate and attend a football game.

She shares that her favorite memories as a student include (safely!) watching the Phi Psi 500 from a neighboring roof and witnessing all the crazy costumes participants would wear, and attending football games in the student section.

Tracy believes that the Penn State experience is unique, and that students should “enjoy every minute…you are making lifelong friends!”'

This profile was published in September 2022.