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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Definition and Policy

Most College of Health and Human Development majors require a minimum cumulative grade-point average (CGPA) of 2.00 and completion of at least 29.1 credits (third-semester standing). Students may enter non-controlled majors at any time after these requirements are met.

Some majors have additional requirements, such as stronger academic records or pre-admission reviews, before a student can enter the major. Students may enter these majors after the additional conditions have been met. For specific information about the College’s entrance-to-major requirements for each of its undergraduate programs, visit .


Students meeting the entrance-to-major requirements and wishing to declare a major may request admission to the major in one of three ways:

  • by participating in the University-wide Entrance-to-Major process in the spring semester of their sophomore year (for students enrolled at all Penn State campuses) or
  • electronically through the campus Registrar (for students enrolled at a campus other than University Park) or
  • by making an appointment with a University Park HHD academic adviser through the Student Services Center, 5 Henderson Building, 814-865-2156.

At University Park, students exploring admission to one of the College’s undergraduate majors should call 814-865-2156 to schedule an appointment with an academic adviser in the Student Services Center. Upon completion of the exploratory meeting, students will be given an appointment with the department or school adviser for a more in-depth discussion about the major and to process the change of major. Students who are ineligible for admission to a major but who demonstrate a minimum CGPA of 2.00 can be reviewed for a change to the college in nondegree (pre-major) status.

In general, students enrolled in or hoping to enroll in majors in the College and wishing to complete a degree program are expected to attend University Park upon completion of the sophomore year. For information about the change-of-campus policy, visit


The College’s advising system helps students to identify and achieve their academic goals, promote intellectual discovery, become self-directed learners and decision-makers, and encourage both in- and out-of-class educational experiences. The College provides academic advising for students enrolled in the College, as well as for undecided, exploratory, and prospective students.


College Contacts

College of Health and Human Development University Park and campus academic advising information is available at