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The Alumni Recognition Award is presented to an alumnus/alumna of the College of Health and Human Development who has demonstrated professional excellence and exemplary voluntary community involvement in a health and human development field.

Nominate alumni leaders in health and human development fields, including emerging professionals, for their outstanding achievements.

Eligibility and Criteria

To be considered for the Alumni Recognition Award, an individual must have received a graduate or undergraduate degree more than ten years ago, achieved outstanding professional excellence (e.g. research, leadership and practice) in a CHHD area of expertise, and demonstrated consistent exemplary community service.  Nominees must have graduated in an HHD major at University Park or a College of Health and Human Development World Campus program.

Nominating Procedure

The Assistant Director of Alumni Relations will receive the nominations and forward them to the Awards Committee of the HHD Alumni Society. Nominations may be made by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

1. Nominee name, address, phone number, email, major(s), graduation year, job title, business/organization address

2. Rationale for the nomination in 250 words or less

3. Name, email address, and phone number of a reference that could discuss the nominee's qualifications for this award if contacted. 

4. Link to nominee's LinkedIn profile, if they have one. 

5. Awards/honors related to the nominee's professional accomplishments

6. Optional: Information supporting the nominee's outstanding qualities (news articles, research articles, CV/resume etc.) This is not intended to be a letter of support. 

Past Recipients icon-olus-circle


Award Recipient

2023 Christopher Saello, '88 Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management
2022 Regan Bailey '98. 07g NUTR
2021 Gary Budge '72 FSHA
2020 Linda Gazzillo Diaz '91 H EC
2019 Garry D. Hennis '84 HPA
2018 Harriet Kuhnlein, '61 H EC
2017 Lisa Weyandt, '84 IFS
2016 Charles Figley `71g, `74g HDFS
Leonard Jack, Jr. `87g, `90g HL ED
2015 Michael James Manfredo `76g RC PK
2014 Mark B. Stephens `89g EXSCI
2013 Patricia Hillkirk `82 IFS
2012 David Luterman '58g, '60g, C SPH
2011 Geoffrey Godbey '68g RC PK, '72g PH ED
2010 Ralph Smith ‘84g RC PK
2009 Rebecca Landa '78g S P A
2008 G. Alan Stull '57g, '61g PH ED
2007 Scott M. Smith '90g NUTR
2006 Effie Bennett-Powe '65g CD FR
2005 Wayne Westcott '71 HPE, '74g PH ED
2004 Cedric Bryant '84g PH ED, '89g PHYS (IDF)
2003 Mary Beahm '81 IFS
2002 Alexis Walker '79g HDFS
2001 Gary Budge '72 FS HA
2000 Rosemary Blieszner '82g HDFS
1999 Gale Heavner '76 NURS
1998 Elbur Purnell '42 PH ED
1997 Rob Grimes '80 FS HA
1996 Gregory Miller '82g, '86g NUTR
1995 Carolyn Dawson Berdanier '58 H EC
Ida Jones Stockman '71g SPA
1994 Gordon G. Blackburn '77g, '84g PH ED
Ann A. Hertzler '57 H EC
Mark A. McCamish '80g NUTR
1993 Anthony J. Nasralla '76 HPA
Adria Rothman Sherman '73g, '77g NUTR
1992 Sylvia Schraff '71, '81g NURS
Sachiko Pokunaga de St. Jeor '80g NUTR
1991 Roger A. Dixon ’77g, ’82g HDFS
Mark R. Ginsberg ’78g, ’81 HDFS
Robert G. Harr ’67 IFS
1990 Merle Best ’61g NUTR
Lawrence R. Brawley ’80g PH ED
Sarah M. Wilder ’88g CSPD
1989 Rosanna B. Clupek ’78 MER
Barry A. Franklin ’76g PHYSIO
Jennifer Weaver Hartman ’69 IFS
1988 Russell C. Ford ’73 RC PK/COM D
Doris I. Miller ’70g PH ED
Betty Jane Phillips ’47g, ’51g SPA
1987 Gary E. Kaatz ’73 HPA
Kenneth H. Rubin ’69g, ’71g CD FR
1986 David H. Olson ’67g CD FR
1985 Jane M. Wardlaw ’63g FN SC
Avanelle Kirksey ’61g NUTR
1984 Ann Spaide Potzner* ’52 H EC, ’71g HE ED
Louise G. Richards ’62g CL TX
Lenore Krumrine Whitmore* ’42 H EC
Barry L. Zoumas ’66g, ’69g NUTR
1983 Polly A. Fitz ’56 H EC
1982 Victoria Kepler Didato ’75 L E C
1981 Janie Holm Lloyd ’55 H EC