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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
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Activity Insight is an on-line system that Penn State uses to track, record, and report faculty activities.  Faculty are able to generate reports such as dossiers, annual reviews, and their curriculum vitae directly from Activity Insight. 

Requesting Access

Full-time faculty are given access to Activity Insight within the first month of their employment.  A faculty member may request proxy access be given to either a staff member or another faculty member by completing the proxy access request form.


Various training videos and documentation is available on the University Activity Insight Training website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions asked by faculty in the College of Health and Human Development.  Answers to additional questions  can be found on the University Activity Insight FAQ website.

Where do I enter TAs I supervise? icon-olus-circle

Teaching Assistants that you supervise/mentor can be entered in the "Narrative for Other Teaching Activities"  field under the Teaching  and Learning section of Activity Insight.  

Why are grants that are listed in AI, not printing on my report? icon-olus-circle

On the grants and contract screen, check the field "Does research support improvement of instruction?".  If it is marked No,  the information will print in the Funded Projects, Grants, Commissions, and Contracts” section of reports. If  marked Yes, will print in the List of Grants and Contracts for Improvement of Instruction” section.

If left blank, grant will not print on reports.

Additionally, grants must have a submitted date entered in Activity Insight.  Without a submitted date, the grant will not print in reports (even if it was award and has a start and end date).

Why are there duplicate entries for multi-year grants? icon-olus-circle

NIH assigns a new “grant” number for each year “award” for multi-year grants. (e.g. A 1, A 1.1, A 1.2, etc.), which causes the appearance of duplicate entries.  Unfortunately, Activity Insight cannot combine these entries into one.  Instead, the system will group the award entries together so it is apparent it is a multi-year grant.

Where do I enter activities as peer review of publications and grants? icon-olus-circle

Editorial roles (Editor, Reviewer, etc.) , peer review of grants  and manuscripts should  be entered in the Research and Creative Accomplishments Section.

Who should I contact if I need assistance or have additional questions? icon-olus-circle

Desiree Donaldson, College Activity Insight Administrator for HHD, 865-3234 or